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"Aiming to capture 'des instants uniques'"


The pavilion is the newest addition to the range of Mme et M.. An extraordinary body of work emerged from the idea to provoke emotions and create little happy places for those who travel the world to find ‘La vie en rose’.


We aim to create a lifestyle that unites people and immerse them into a world of luxury living. Our creations are designed to illuminate unseen stories and fabricate the most memorable ‘instants uniques’.  


Robust elegance and high quality finishes define this superb design which is made to measure the needs of public areas and the sumptuous world of hospitality. You will find great functionality and simplicity to contribute the maximum comfort of wellness.


We conquer your mind with highlighting the pavilions robust build while, at the same time, delivering a fiercely and elegant masterpiece that will be an oasis of privacy and quiet for all those who enter.


Made to withstand the ferocious beauty of nature in all its conditions, this piece of art is a true sight to behold. A treasure that brings the perfect blend of beauty and convenience in an incomparable setting.

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