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Fraktique Chardonnay







In between the Rhone valley and the Pyrenees the biggest
wine growing region has arisen. Drawn and embellished by mountains and sea ‘The Languedoc’ looks like a beautiful mesmerizing jewel.

It is here where ‘living like a god’ became a true vision. In the small village of Saint-Saturnin-de-Lucian, that wears the highest quality wine label, these grapes were cultivated with passion and transformed into the delicious wines of Fraktique.

Straw yellow color with white gold reflections. Rich and intense nose that evokes pear, mango and lemon flavours sublimated by a round, opulent mouth and a deliciously fruity

The freshness of this magnificent wine is best served as an appetizer or combined with pleasurable tapas to fully take in the moment.  Mediterranean dishes with roasted fish or tasty shellfish brings this wine to a higher level of flavours and harmony.  

Goes perfectly with spicy food. Best served at a temperature of 8°C. Alcohol percentage 13,5%.

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