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Lit simple

60x200 cm

Inspired by Yvan Berthels / manufactured in Belgium

This day-bed of the Mme et M. collection has a modest and simplified contour to stimulate all senses. Made from the robust material of teak the construction has a subtle and minimalistic profile.  All cushions and covers are extra comfortable and weather-resistant. It is up to you to define the finishing details such as colour.


The Mme et M. day-bed is a warm, chic and intriguing design. The perfect oasis to enjoy the sun and to let your imagination run free.


Lit double

120x200 cm

Inspired by Yvan Berthels / manufactured in Belgium

Christal blue waters during daytime… A fairytale pool with blue accents, illuminated beautifully at night. The perfect setting for the double day-bed of the Mme et M. outdoor collection. The sunbed is characterized by its usage of Teakwood. The rustic lines that follow down from head to toe enhances the natural atmosphere of the design.


This double day-bed of the outdoor range is created and developed with the most care and attention to your comfort.  


Lit triple

150x200 cm

Inspired by Yvan Berthels / manufactured in Belgium

The triple day-bed provides a surprising element with a minimalistic silhouette. Inspired by the French luxurious culture Mme et M. is characterized by its elegance and refinement. We enjoy using and mixing different noble materials.

Playing with cushions and the upholstered backrest the triple day-bed can be modulated from a sun bed into a lounger chair for three with only one simple movement.


Mme et M. is not just a collection of outdoor furniture… It is a lifestyle that unites and invites people to enjoy the beauty of life.

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