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Dave and Dorry are life partners,

Eager to work and travel have been central to their lives until now.

But it is that "workaholic lifestyle" that led them to discover the most special and beautiful places in the world.

The different lifestyles and cultures truly enriched their lives and created a real passion for wines filled with different flavours from all over the world.  

However, they lost their hearts to the beautiful island of Tenerife, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Its good climate, beautiful nature, cool people and abundance of wine bodegas now make it home for him and his better half Dorry.

They do distribution of different wines from France, Italy and Spain to the hospitality industry in the Canary Islands and have a wine shop in Tenerife with more than 150 different wines from all over the world, Canarian and international wines are the focus here.

This is also how the idea of bottling our own wine came about.


D&D wines Lagarto was developed in collaboration with the creator of LUX sparkling Jess Van Weert .

We met on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria where we tasted his Sparkling wines in the largest beach club in Europe Amadores .

And we were immediately sold and now distribute them exclusively in Tenerife.


Together we are passionate about wines and got talking and so the idea was born to develop our own wine line for D&D where the focus should be on the quality of the wine , the appearance etc ....


After many conversations and tastings, we started working with a very renowned oenologist, who was able to translate our vision into wine perfectly and that's how we developed a beautiful wine from the Region of Castilla y Leon, Spain.


We made sure we could offer a range in both White, rosé and red wine.

The wines are now available in the Canary Islands, Belgium and the Netherlands and will expand to several other countries around the world.

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