Who We Are

Welcome to D&D distributors Islas Canarias! We bring an exclusive outdoor and indoor experience by Le Couchon and Mme et Monsieur Collection design furniture to you! For pool gardens, home terraces, trendy hotels and exotic beaches to luxury yachts. Also available for Canary Islands: Le Couchon Brut and Fraktique wines.

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Founder & COO

Dorry born in 1975 started her life with a true curiosity for discovery. Her love for travelling brought her to Barcelona where she decided to finish her studies. But it is the Barcelona lifestyle that changed her peace of mind and heart. The peaceful and pure mentality of the locals, the lifestyle and the general happiness that the people possessed, won her over.

After finding her way back to Belgium, she chose to unravel herself in the corporate world. But it was the joy of life and the curiosity in meeting other people that led her to finding Dave. Their love sprouted from the same passions and visions and is what keeps them going strong today.

Four years ago their lifepath was made clear. After falling in love with the island of Tenerife, an island they were both drawn to over and over again because of its warm climate and long lasting beautiful nature... They decided to take a chance and discover the island as they made it their new home.  Today the idea of joining forces to become commercial positivos is finalized and now the sky is the limit.

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Founder & CEO

Dave Reyskens started his life journey on the 28th of April in 1973. Filled with hard work and discovering the world his journey has led him to special places all over the globe where he could enjoy the true wonders of different cultures and lifestyles. Within his globetrotting adventure he developed a true passion for all types of wines enriched with different flavours from all over the world.

It is however the canary island of Tenerife where Dave found his heart to be. Known for its beautiful nature, heart-warming people and an abundance of tasty and mysterious wine bodega’s , Tenerife is now the homebase for him and his wife Dorry.

Due to common interests and their passion for fine wines, a true friendship has arisen between Dave and Yvan Berthels, Brand owner and designer of Le Couchon and Madame et Monsieur collection on which they have been building on for more than 30 years. Dave always admired Yvans infinite creativity and exquisite eye for detail. After so many years of trust, passion, a collaboration between the two was inevitable. Together they have combined their knowledge and fine tasting and let “Le Couchon Islas Canarias” sprout from the Spanish grounds. A new tale is born.

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