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Hierbas Ibicencas







Balearic Islands, Spain

Hierbas has it roots on the Balearic Islands where monks living on the islands during the middle ages discovered that the islands’ microclimates helped giving the plants and herbes very specific properties which were beneficial for body and mind.

The monks started cultivating wild herbs and alcohol for medicinal use but is wasn’t untill the late 1800s, by using techniques obtained from travelers to the mainland, the production of Hierbas was formalized.

Hierbas is an aniseed-flavored liqueur made extracting aromas of various plants such as camomille, fennel, thyme among others in the presence of other plants found on the Islands and is characterized by varying degrees of sweetness.

Many families have homemade varieties using their own family recipe. These recipes have often been passed on from generation to generation and are often kept secret.

In 1997, Hierbas Ibicencas was given a geographical indication to protect the name and guarantee the quality of the product and to prevent unfair competition.


Hierbas Ibicencas with a designation of origin, such as ours, are obtained after the maceration, distillation and infusion of plants by combining them with sugar and alcohol. The elaborated product must have an alcoholic strength of between 24 and 38% vol and the sugar content must not exceed 250 grams per liter of the final product.

For our Hierbas Ibicencas we use old copper maceration vessels with which we distill for 18 hours on a low gas fire.



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